• All claims must be submitted to Legal Guard within 6 months of the member becoming aware of the event giving rise to the claim where the member is the plaintiff.
  • Where the member is the defendant, immediately upon being served with any court documents. Failing which, Legal Guard will not be liable to cover the claim.
  • Clients are required to provide all evidence, documents or correspondences required for assessment of the claim.
  • Client’s policy schedule must be produced for verification of membership.
  • Claims may be submitted by phone, e-mail, fax, in writing, or in person for face to face consultation.
  • Legal Guard is only liable for costs of attorneys appointed by Legal Guard. All claims are to be lodged with Legal Guard.

  • Claim 3 Months Full Premiums for all policies that haven’t claimed three times in three years. With policy holders not having claimed for conveyancing more than once in the three year period.
  • Your policy should be up to date and have no arrears.
  • With Policy holders not having claimed for conveyancing more once in three year period.

Clients have the right to bring forward suggestions or query our service and products. Client also has the right to appeal against a decision not to cover his/her claim.

All complaints and appeals are to be made in writing and addressed to:

The Claims Manager
Legal Guard
P. O. Box 405744

The following should be provided in the complaint/appeal letter:

  • Policy number
  • Policy holder’s names and contact details
  • A brief description of the complaint
  • Copies of all relevant documentation
  • All complaints will be registered in a Complaints Register. A written reply will be sent to client within`five working days from receipt of the complaint or appeal. In the event that we are unable to respond within seven working days, client will be constantly informed and updated of all actions and progress achieved.

    Legal Guard remains committed to resolving all complaints and appeals fairly and effectively. Acknowledgement is made of the fact that not all complaints and appeals will be resolved to the satisfaction of our clients. We thus undertake to meet with customers to further explain our position.

    NB - Please note that you are required to submit copies of the documents listed below.


    • Divorce Action Form
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Form B
    • Any other relevant document


    • Birth Certificate
    • Proof of support/maintenance
    • Any other relevant document

    Variation of Court Order

    • Court order
    • Advise slip / Bank statement / Receipts
    • Client’s expenses/liabilities and proof
    • Marriage certificate (If necessary)
    • Any other relevant document


    • Affidavit stating reasons for the adoption
    • Marriage certificate where applicable
    • Birth certificate
    • Other relevant documentation e.g. consent of other parent / social worker’s report etc


    • Letters from parents/relatives
    • List of properties
    • Previous Court proceedings
    • Any other relevant document


    • Witness statements
    • Charge-sheet
    • Medical report
    • Calibration certificate
    • Sketch plan
    • Transcript for the breathalyser
    • Summary of evidence
    • Motor vehicle Inspection report
    • Any other relevant document


    • Labour Office (failure to settle Certificate)
    • Record of the disciplinary hearing
    • Contract of employment
    • Any other relevant document

    Land Disputes

    All should start at the sub land board, to main land board before land tribunal

    • Certificate of ownership
    • Record of proceedings
    • Correspondences
    • Any other relevant document

    Civil-Debt Collection

    • Copy of agreement
    • Acknowledgment of debt
    • Proof of payment
    • Affidavit of witnesses
    • Any other relevant document

    Civil-Cost Of Repairs

    • Police statements/report
    • Vehicle inspection report
    • 3 Quotations
    • Acknowledgment of debt/settlement agreement
    • Any other relevant document

    Breach of Contract

    • Copy of agreement
    • Any other relevant document

    Civil Imprisonment / Garnishee

    • Court Order
    • Nulla Bona return
    • Warrant of execution
    • Any other relevant document